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  South Eastern Central Railway SECR Bilaspur PRO R K Agarwal "Public Not Demanded Toilet In 319km Distance Train "
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  19 Oct 2013  
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Train no.68747 Bilaspur - Katni Passenger train running daily basis without toilet for 319 km with 8.5hrs Journey period, since April 2012.

Our reporter Spoke to PRO Bilaspur Shri RK Agarwal (SECR) on his cell no. 9752475004 and discussed the train without toilet

IRN- Why toilet is not available in train?

PRO- The train started on public demand and order from Railway ministry.

IRN- Did public has to demand train with toilet,seat,light, fan also? or Train definition means only steel box?

PRO- This train is for short route , not means to go katni by this train for 9hr.

IRN - Tickets are not issued for katni 320km away from Bilaspur?

PRO- No this is not the issue, you should take express train for katni run after 9 hr of this train.This train also has to cover all station so normal coach not possible.

IRN - We should wait till 3pm for toilet train. But Narmada Passenger Bilaspur-Indore also stop at all station and all the coaches have toilet.

PRO- This is old train so we have given toilet.

IRN - Which officer has given permission to run train 320km without toilet?

PRO- This order came from Railway Ministry.


These are careless officer who sit in AC cabin and travel in special coach with toilet, pantry, sofa, bed but they cannot provide toilet in train.


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