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No Fitness Guidelines For Judges Available - RTI


4th June 2014

  India RTI News Exclusive  


Applicant Name SK Shrivastava
Date of receipt 02/04/2014
Request Filed With Prime Minister's Office
Text of Application Judges and advocates in their duty hour face huge exertion or pressure in the form of mental and physical stress It is difficult for any sick person to be on duty in a chair for more than 3 hours if he is sick. Sometimes his body did not favor him to be in chair for long time and it affects the mind of the person. Due to this the person cannot discharge his 100% duty in duty hours.

RTI Question:

1.Information on Fitness criteria / guidelines for judges and govt. advocate working on duty.
2.Has Judges/ Govt. advocate has to go daily routines check up ( BP, temperature , injury etc.) before sitting on chair If so then what are the daily health routine guideline
3.No. of judges and govt. advocates submitted fitness certificate on every half yearly with respect to total judges and Govt. advocate.(April 2010- March 2014)

Ministry of Law and Justice have no details of guidelines for fitness of Judges who take major decision in any case which is important for nation and in person. Question raised by RTI activist that if a normal man goes to toilet at 22 degress temperature at Bombay High Court AC Room, 2 times within 3 hrs . Then How the Judges can Sit continuously on bench for 3 hrs? After the age of 50 the person is suffering from many diseases that can affect concentration for fair justice. If a person take wrong decision in unhealthy atmosphere then it will be injustice. Applicant surprise that key position people like motor man, pilot, defense people , police have daily fitness guidelines because their failure can affect lot of people. But the Judges on bench doing justice have no fitness guidelines. Top Judges should come forward for the best of nation.

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