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Free Passes Cost to Indian Railway of Rs 2500 cr Per Year Approx. !

Approx 1 Cr. Free Family Passes to Employees/year


23 June 2014

  India RTI News Exclusive  

Indian Railway hike passenger fares every year due to huge Passenger traffic losses. As per experts the Railway has approx. Rs32,000 Cr passenger traffic losses. But the kind heart Railway Ministry has no soft corner for tax payers general public. In India the Railway employees , Ministers , Ex Ministers, Police Personals, MP , MLA, Award Winners and other high class citizens enjoys free passes in public interest using tax payers money.   
In Indian Railway approx. 14 Lac employees are working. Every Employee  get 3 free Family passes and Minimum 4 Family PTO (Discount Coupon of 2/3rd) every year. The  family pass is to travel at any part of Indian Railway Station. If there is 4 family member then each pass cost to railway Rs10000 ( averaging all class )
If it is for 2nd or 1 AC then it cost from Rs30000 to 40000 to railway. It means railway issue 45lac passes to 14 lac employees free of cost per year. Group  C & D Employee get 3 pass per year and Group A&B get 6 Passes per year
45,00000 * 10000 = 450,00000000 ie Rs 450cr. 
If the discounted coupon is calculated with average discount of Rs 7000 per coupon( 4 PTO /year Each Employee)  then also it cost  railway to Rs 400 cr .
Total Passes and PTO  cost Rs 850 cr per year approx. to Indian Railway.
If Retired Railway Employees  of Approx  20 lacs is calculated then it cost to Rs300 cr. approx . Each Retired employees get 2 passes per year.  Few Railway employees use passes without putting date during travel by not doing reservation. With the understanding between TTE they use the passes 2 to 3 times by not putting date. It also cost railway to Rs300 cr approx.
Total cost
Employees    Rs 850 cr
Retired Employees  Rs300 cr.
Misuse of Passes    Rs300cr.
Passes to MP, MLA, Award Wining, Committee Members also cost Rs800-900Cr to Indian Railway
Total cost to  Indian Railway Of Free Passes is  Rs1450 Cr + 900cr =Rs2350Cr Approx. per year.
This is the approx . amount has to be bear by tax payers for Non National interest ! In return every year ticket cost is hiked to reduce losses.

Accurate figure is awaited from Railway by RTI.

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