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DAV Management Hurdle In Employee Benefits!


27th April 2015

  India RTI News Exclusive  
dav rajhara school

DAV Ispat Senior secondary public school at Dalli Rajhara , Distt Balod of Chattisgarh is managed by Delhi based trust DAV .  Bhilai Steel Plant has mines at Dalli Rajhara and more than 50000 staffs are working at Dalli Rajhara. To manage the school of BSP colony they outsourced the management to DAV. But as per report DAV management is main hurdle to staff benefits. BSP offered to pay the DAV staff of school tribal allowance, LTC & Diwali bonus but DAV rejected these extra benefits to there employees. As BSP pay these benefit to all of there mining employees so they offered same benefit for their outsourced school employees, but the  DAV management  don’t liked this offer. This CBSE school is overburden  with double capacity of students in each class. Due to lack of quality school Dalli Rajhara (Distt Balod) Students prefer this school.The overburden teachers are denied the extra benefit by the DAV Management without any concrete reason.


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