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  Tooth Paste Is Risky For Children Below 6 Years  

21 July 2014

  India RTI News Exclusive  
colgate toothpaste

Many parents give brush and tooth paste to their kids and allow them to brush individually. It is risk to their life. Many people don’t read the warning in tooth paste which is written in very tiny font. 

“ Children below 6 years should have adult supervision and use only pea sized amount. Do not swallow.”.

It means that if children below 6 years swallow the paste then it may cause infection to their stomach . It can be commonly found in Colgate, Peposodent, Close-up  like tooth pasted . It is uncommon in Dabur Red, Patanjali Aurvedic  etc.  tooth paste.  The Aurvedic tooth paste may not have such high side effect in stomach . The Multi national Companies also do not give such warning advertisement in Public Interest. They  only use kids to sell their product in large number.

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