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Bombay High Court PIO Hiding Information in RTI

  05 March 2014  
  India RTI News Exclusive  

The Public Information Officer S S Kanthale , Deputy Registrar of Bombay High Court is misleading public while replying RTI application. The  clear intention of PIO is to hide details of Bombay High Court administrative information from general public. The information should be in public domain about floor space area given to other than official staff with charges taken from them, Media reporting rules as press reporters sit inside court, equipments outsourced, number of special requests in courts etc. But it seems that PIO is legally trained to deny the information in tactfully language. In every reply he did not try to search any file and give other cases orders references for denial . In other departments CPIO understand the question and reply with all the information in details. The PIO of Bombay High Court did not want to share any information with the owner of the nation ie citizens and provide misleading reply. He better understand if applicant go for appeal then the appellant authority is his own boss and State information commissioner have 6 month waiting time. It means if PIO is irresponsible then citizens will get information in 8-9 months. The tax payers are wasting their money by appointing such employees who are hiding irregularities of Bombay High Court. PIO  S S Kanthale is only helping corrupt peoples by hiding information. Judges should also intercept their RTI department in public interest.

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