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Birla Sunlife Insurance Launched Dream Life Plan Without IRDA Approval Certificate!

Objections Not cleared Till Date

  19 March 2014  
  India RTI News Exclusive


Birla Sunlife Insurance Company  launched Dream Life Plan in 2007 without IRDA final approval. IRDA has taken 26 points objections and request to comply before 23 Feb 2007 in Dated 16 Feb 2007 letter . But Birla Sunlife launched the product on the same day without waiting final letter of IRDA . By refering the objection letter the confusion is created that Birla has cleared the IRDA objections or not? Or How it is possible that Birla can clear huge objections in few hours. Birla have sold nearly 20 lacs policies of dream life in 3 years. It means customers has purchased non approved plan? Non Approved Plans returns are badly affected and company only make profit.
It is the responsibility of Birla to upload approval certificate of all the plans in their website . If they can publish awards, catlogs so why they hide such crucial documents? PIL is pending at Bombay High Court against IRDA for selling Non Approved Plan.


Download Dream Plan Approval Copy

IRDA List Of Birla Product Launch

PIL Filed Against IRDA At Bombay High Court By Customer

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